What we offer

We offer four strategies to help farmers maximize income over feed costs:

1. A feed program review once or twice per month – our independent nutritionists give farmers confidence in their feed management decisions.
2. Custom tendering formulas for competitive pricing – farmers get the best value from their supplier based on price, service, quality and delivery. We also assist in evaluating other local or price competitive commodities to decrease ration cost.
3. Exclusive access to proprietary Micro-Premix blend – guaranteed quality assurance for vitamins, minerals and micro-additives. Simplified formula manufacturing at local feed mills reducing risk of errors.
4. Cost benchmark program helps farmers measure and compare feed costs quarterly – Allows farmers to calculate feed cost per litre of milk produced, compare results with other local farms and assists them in understanding how feed cost changes due to market conditions versus individual on-farm changes.


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Helping farmers maximize income over feed cost